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Lucid Dreaming Cosmos

Lucid Dreaming Cosmos

Inspired by a lucid dream, a state where the dreamer becomes aware that he is dreaming and has the ability to manipulate the dream.

During the conceptual phrase, we were intrigued by the state of “dream within a dream”; someone believes that they have woken up, only to realize later that they are still in a dream.

This creation visualises a mysterious phenomenon of the lucid dream amidst the universe by featuring blurred visions and unpredictable space pantones. Structural pieces are painted in different shades while holographic materials are positioned at dissimilar angles to create surreal refraction of light as if it’s a midnight fantasy.

Decoration : Jeniva
Special Thanks to @bb_pokchat @anchanvet
Venu: @theatheneehotel
Photographer: @snapbynowpplin

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