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Setting out to be the best wedding planner and decorator in Thailand, having established back in 2012, the testimonials of all our clients since then can guarantee the level of service that is a peace of mind to you. 


Jeniva has been proudly selected to be one of the nine wedding planners in Thailand 2017, and to be specifically hosting and representing clienteles from the United Kingdom. 


Let us make your dream wedding an unforgettable journey and a wonderful experience.

Graduated from Silpakorn university  (BA. Visual Communication Design).  We started the wedding business from the passion of wedding design & vibe. The more I was a part of wedding, the more  I fell in love with this job, and we have had more opportunities to be “ wedding planner” despite, we focused on design and decoration.  After we involved in two major parts, we got more inspiration from bride and groom idea , personality. Those information is used to each wedding design & decoration, so each couple has their own identity. It inspires us to learn and develop our work all the time.

Kwang Boonnada

(General Manager and Creative director)

she has 10 years wedding &  event experiences. She is an wedding expert and dedicated, and she knows how to manage all the problems of wedding day.


(Wedding Planner and Event Director)

She believes in love, so working with Jeniva is her happiness. She loves to see all wedding couple smile without any concern.


(Wedding Co-ordinator)

She loves concert and all arts. She likes new trends, and she never stop improving. Then all the wedding couple 

requirement are her challenging.


(Graphic Designer)


(Graphic Designer)

She has graphic publication experience, and she loves all kinds of flower. She decided to work with Jeniva where she can bring the graphic and flower together.


(Event designer)

She graduated interior design, and she likes to design wedding decoration as wedding design has no limit of imagination.  She likes to adapt new material to use in wedding decoration.

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